Wednesday, June 13, 2007

"A Baby's Prayer"

Thank you my dear Heavenly Father up above for sending me to this family so full of love.For their teaching me of your gentleness and of your constant spiritual caress.
How thin that veil is between me and you as I look up at the sky so blue.I still can feel the sense of your comfort and peace and I pray that may it never, ever, cease.
I will try very hard to remember your teaching so that one day, when I feel your hand reaching Out to help me on my journey home,I know that I won't ever be alone.And may my friendships be chosen with care as I remember that you are waiting there; For me to return to your loving embrace as I so dearly want again to see your face.
In Jesus name,

Written by:Patty Bancroft Roberts June 14, 2001


Leish said...

very cute picture! I like the poem too!

slap me happy said...

love that picture, Renae very very sweet looking.

MyUtopia said...

How pretty!